Wednesday 11 April 2018

Follow In My Footsteps - Soulful

This is a completely different way of creating a new project and I'll give you the background to it at the end of the post. But I intend this to become a bit of a series.
So welcome to the first of -
"Follow In My Footsteps"

I love how the little collection of small elements to create the collage came together and the added wash of tinting base and the highlighting and shadowing using the paints brought it all together perfectly.

DecoArt Chalky Finish paints in relic, lace, rustic, revive, raw umber, burnt umber and quinacridone gold.
Tinting Base
Text stamp
Collage ephemera

The steps to follow can be found by visiting a Vintage Collage Tag, created in July 2017.

OK so this is the background information I promised you. I love writing up the step by steps to my projects and I always say my blog is primarily for me to keep a record of the work I do. It is wonderful that many of you visit both silently and with comments and I know from the stats that hundreds of you receive my blog posts by email. I love it that you pop in and am so grateful to have so many blogging friends, some of whom I know and have met in real life and many I know just by visiting and seeing your work. 

Having said all that I feel I don't make the most of visits to you or to my own blog posts and yes I love the whole process of creating something new from scratch but I have decided I would also like to revisit some of my older posts and recreate the steps I had put together to make a new piece of art work and to create something completely different. Hence the title.

This piece is going in my Positivity Journal

Another one of these coming soon.

hugs Brenda xxx