Monday 3 December 2018

Colour Theme for Tando Creative

Welcome to a new week and the run up to Christmas. We have a colour theme over on the Tando blog this week and I chose to use one of the mini albums to alter but I also decided to do some colour mixing to get the colour tones I needed. 

I'm starting the week but there will be other projects appearing during the week.

I used the DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics and decided the cerulean blue was more or less spot on for the mid blue and titan buff also good for the creamy colour. For the other three - here is my colour swatch, I add a little at a time when mixing a new shade until I get the desired tones - not bad eh?

First seal both sides of the album with a good coat of gesso. After mixing your colours use a natural sponge to daub the colours onto the surface front ......

...... and back. 


Next scrape some gesso over using a palette knife.

Paint some of the Tando snowflakes with the cerulean blue and when dry blend a little prussian blue over the top using your finger. Do the same with some decoupage and then dip them in some distress glitter to add some sparkle.

Blend some brown distress ink around all the edges.
Mix tiny, tiny amounts of quinacridone gold and paynes grey with some matte medium and seal the whole album. The colour gives a light vintage/grungy effect.

Make yourself some pages - I used watercolour paper and sewed them onto the spine. 

Add a ribbon around the outside gluing it to the back so you can tie it up, finish with the snowflakes and words.

Voila a fabulous mini sketchbook for the winter.

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your week and .....