Tuesday 13 March 2018

Panel 7 - Antediluvian

..... or something ancient, primeval, prehistoric.
This is another of Andy's skulls and comes from the Skulldoggery set of stamps.

Process Steps
1. Paint a layer of brown umber media acrylic paint.
2. Monoprint using card painted with titan buff and rubbed onto the background.
3. Stamp with some numbers/text with coffee archival ink.
4. Repeat step 2 with cobalt blue and titan buff.

5. Lightly brayer some titanium white ver the surface.
6. Stamp text using burnt umber, quinacridone gold and titan buff paints.
7. Stamp the skull and specimen onto tissue paper and adhere.
8. Give everything a coat of satin finish varnish.

I love how striking the images are on this slightly textured background, the tissue paper technique works perfectly if you use a soft white tissue paper and seal it afterwards,

Thanks for stopping by. The weather today has been beautiful, some blue skies, sunshine and feeling quite mild. Spring must be on it's way.

Take care.

hugs Brenda xxx