Monday 11 July 2016

Circles 2 for CVC

I'm here with a DT reminder project for the Country View Challenges theme of circles and have gone a bit wacky I think (must be that Andy Skinner influence). I had in my mind a camera lens with the eye looking through it .......

I began by drawing two circles on some good quality card to look like the eye and took a white signo pen and drew in scribble lines - I did a google search to find a real eye for inspiration.

I took a range of colours I wanted to use ..... although I might just have added a colour or two by the time I was finished .....

... and began painting using lots of spritzed water to keep the colours light and watery at the moment. When I was happy with the first layer I dried it.

Still using the water, my fingers as well as a brush, I added another layer of the colours and started to introduce the black pupil. Again I dried it as a second layer.

This time I frayed the black edge and painted in the dark blue outer edge going between some of the white lines that are still showing through, I also added some water titanium white and yellow around the frayed black. I was thinking at this point that even if it didn't end up as a good representation of an eye it still made a pretty good pattern for the centre of my lens.

Next I used my fine brush again and went over the black and the dark blue edge and just played with the colour washes to create more layers.

Then finally went over some of the white wiggly lines again and filled in colour where I thought I needed to. Not sure if I should have left it alone on the last layer!!

I took the three boards each with different size circles cut in and began painting, texturing and colouring each one.
The first inside one was painted blue/grey then a black inner ring hand painted and given a very watery wash of carbon black.
The second was painted dark grey and white lettering quotes added.
Look at the world with a child's eye - it is very beautiful.
An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.
The outside one was given a coat of gesso with a palette knife and then a coat of white crackle paste before being given washes of the blues and yellow watery paints.

The eye looks amazing in the lens effect of the boards ......

.... then some varnish and rub-ons with brads in the corners and inked edges finish the look.

Hope you like my strange piece today .... I really like it with the concentric circles drawing my eye into the painted eye and creating great depth and dimension. The crackles seem to break up what could have been a very dark piece of art.

Have a great week.

hugs Brenda xxx