Monday 3 September 2018

Colour theme for Tando Creative

We start the new week with a colour scheme over on the Tando Creative blog.
Here is the inspirational photo for the colour palette.

These are the DecoArt colours I picked out of my media acrylic paints.

Brush white gesso onto the tag and squidge it onto a craft mat or some acetate to get some texture for the background. (I will admit here right at the beginning that this is my third try at getting something I liked and each time it went wrong I gessoed over and squidged it again. Waste not want not!)

Dip, dip and dry several times using watery washes of mixed tones of dark grey, medium grey, sap green, titanium white and titan buff media acrylic paints to achieve a misty background and foggy day.

Stamp some grassy foliage using the same colours as used for the dipping above and dry. Then repeat with mixes of pyrrole red, yellow oxide, titanium white and titan buff using the same foliage stamp.

Sand the edges and blend in ground espresso distress ink.

Dab a little of all the colours, bar the greys and black, onto a mixing palette and using mini leaves 3 drag several of the leaves through the colours and dry and then stamp over using a textured leaf stamp .....

and edge with coffee archival.

From the 'Textures 1' sheet extract the word 'imagination' and part of the 'harlequin' shape. Paint the word black and the harlequin a dark burgundy (the 3 colours you will need to mix it are red, blue and black) and stamp with the light grey paint.

Time to assemble - gather any other bits you want to add, especially some nice natural elements.

I also added some washi tape to the bottom.

Eh voila!

Once I'd got the first stamping done I knew I was going to be happy with this, I really quite like it. You may have noticed that I even took the photo as well as the colours for my inspiration and I loved grunging up the natural elements.

 If you'd like to see more fab projects inspired by the colours keep your eye on the Tando Creative blog this week.