Wednesday 27 January 2016

Page 2 for Journaling Recipe 1

We had an amazing day at Pickwell farm on Saturday with 12 lovely ladies who came to see what my recipes for journalling are all about - in fact they enjoyed it so much we have put a date in for June to do recipes 3 and 4. How cool is that?
So today I thought I would show you some of the photos of finished pages done by the participants and also my page 2 using exactly the same recipe as the first pages I created which you can see HERE. Would you believe exactly the same steps but different choices for each one = deeper colours and a more vintage feel to it.

And these are some of the participants finished pages from the morning session - sadly not all of the photos were sharp enough to use but this certainly gives a flavour of their work and I was astounded at the fabulous outcomes. Well done everyone.

Thanks for stopping by today and taking a peek at what I have been up to.

I'll be back Friday with an AVJ Tag Friday sample.

hugs Brenda xxx