Tuesday 11 July 2017

Technique Tuesday #1 - Sponged stenciling - DecoArt media


I'm a technique addict and so many that I have used over the years are buried within projects and blog posts and often get lost and even forgotten so I am starting a series where I can label all my techniques together so that not only I but you also can get to them a bit quicker if we need to refresh ourselves what they are. I will be using mostly DecoArt products, particularly the media line paints and mediums.

Today I am beginning with a simple sponged paint and stencil technique.

First sponge some colours onto card blending them a little as you dab each colour on.

I used quinacridone red, quinacridone violet, dioxazine purple and titan buff.

When dry, lay the stencil over and blend titanium white and titan buff over the stencil making it a random coverage and not too thick a coat so that some of the colour underneath blends through ..........

 ........... so that when you remove it the coloured pattern is revealed and some of the channels from the stencilling have also been coloured.  I really love this effect.

This is a really simple way to create a background with a fabulous mottled effect that can now be stamped over, embellished in fact whatever you want. I tend to give mine a dirty glaze coverage to make it more aged and vintaged looking. (See a Technique Tuesday post coming up)

Another example can be seen on this post here.

I hope you enjoy this series and if you want to keep a track of them individually why not add them to a Pinterest Board - here's a graphic for you.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week.

hugs Brenda xxx