Thursday 4 June 2015

A Visual Journey #23

Welcome to the first Thursday in June and a Visual Journal page inspired by one I saw on Pinterest which originated from Flickr, I am linking to it as I want to give credit to the original artist.

I began by chopping up some oddments of patterned papers I keep in a box and creating a collage of Spring green colours.

I sprayed some home made ink mixes and let them drip around the page and dried each one before layering the next.

I used a couple of Stampotique stamps and found some bottle tops to make the rings. I also splattered some ink and watered down gesso over.

The quote also came from my Pinterest board and seemed very apt with the words on the paper strip.
"Creativity is not a competition."
I sometimes feel that for some people it is but then that's why I am sharing my journal, my private space to make and create without feeling I have to be the best.
I thought the bees would complement the butterflies that are evident on many of my previous journal pages - bumblebees and butterflies.

Thanks for staying with me and sharing your pages with me and each other.

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Take care and thanks for stopping by.

hugs Brenda xxx