Monday 10 September 2018

Follow In My Footsteps - Fossil panel plus.....

Firstly, although she doesn't read my blog I wish my gorgeous daughter a wonderful and happy birthday.


I used the instructions for one of the panels I made for Stitches, back in February, and created this Andy Skinner fossil fish tile with a computer generated caption to go with it. To follow the footsteps you need to see the panel I made here. This panel was made around the same time as the linked one and has been sitting in a box so I decided to give it a second lease of life and used it to make a hand made / hand bound sketch book / journal. The paints and mediums I used are all DecoArt media line and the stamps are by Andy Skinner.

I revamped an old technique that Tim Holtz got me into I think in 2011. I revised it when I first started teaching workshops but now updated it again.
I started with this previously made panel.

Using my technique it changed to this ......

.... and then this.

I call this Pitted Enamel and I'm keeping the written steps for a DecoArt Media Team contribution which will be sometime in November, so please keep your eyes peeled for an update.

Once the front cover for my sketchbook/journal was finished I moved on to making the insides. I cut media paper to size, folded the pieces into folios and put two folios to make a signature. I repeated this four times and then sewed the signatures together making a text block using a kettle stitch
binding. I found this video HERE pretty useful but I didn't go on to gluing the edges of the signatures.

 I covered the spine with a gaffa type tape before adhering the front and back pages to the front and back covers.

Just some simple coloured twine for holding the book together ......

.... and what started out as a simple panel has become the cover of a useful sketch, watercolour, note book and is in my shop space to sell.

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